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Large Brass Kali Statue


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Worshipped and even feared within the Hindu faith, Kali is widely revered as the Hindu Goddess associated with eternal energy, and the consort of Shiva. With her very name derived from the word Kala, which means black, time, and death, it is understandable why Kali was often feared. As the Goddess of time and change, she is frequently viewed as a force that results in the decay and destruction of all things, and as such was often portrayed as a violent figure of annihilation. One of the most famous legends for which she is known involves her slaying of the demon Raktabija. Legend holds that Durga and otherwise struck out at this demon, but every wound spilt the demon`s blood, which in turn created a duplicate of this wicked demon, leaving the Goddess and her fellows outnumbered. It was then they called upon Kali. Kali came forth and caused terror in all who viewed her. Clad in the skin of a tiger and a necklace of skulls, she wielded many weapons but did not use them to defeat Raktabija. Instead she drank the demon`s blood, and consumed him and all of his duplicates, leaving them dead as she danced upon the corpses of the fallen, including her consort Shiva. It is a scent from this legend depicted in this fantastic brass statue. Created with fantastic attention to detail, it displays the many-armed Kali attacking a demon with all of her wrath; terrible to behold, with her many arms splayed to her sides and her face contorted in wicked glee. But despite this terror for which she is known, Kali has now come to be revered often as a motherly goddess, for despite her terrifying nature the time and destruction she sews provides all with the change and growth that everything needs to prosper. Celebrate the duality of Kali with this statue, depicting her in her most raw and famous image. It measures approximately 9" high and 7 3/4" wide and 3 1/2" deep.

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