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Soapstone Turtle Oil Diffuser
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  • Model: OD540
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This adorable, soapstone oil diffuser has been sculpted out of three pieces to beautifully display the image of a turtle. The 4 1/2" diameter, circular base has been carved into a candle holder perfectly sized to fit a tealight candle, and made beautiful with the natural colors of soapstone and a wave-like pattern cut into the base`s surface. Settling upon this is the actual turtle With its shell pierced by dozens of cut outs that lend the impression of the animal`s reptilian shell even as they allow the candle`s light to spill out as air flows in. With its squat shape and little turtle head, the image cannot help but to make you smile. Resting at the very top of this is a small basin that fits neatly into a cut-out on the turtle`s shell. Also carved of soapstone it seems as though the turtle might simply be carrying a bowl upon his back. This basin is intended to hold your favorite oil, so that as it heats above the candle flame the oil`s scent is dispersed through-out your room. The entire piece measures approximately 3" tall, allowing it to easily fit anywhere in your home you might wish to place it.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 May, 2012.