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Senna Whole 2oz
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Coming from flowering plants that are often used in ornamentation or landscaping gardens, Senna leaves, or Folium Sennae, can be found often in Southeastern Asian cuisine. In this it is often used pickled in brine or fresh, and often as a flavoring agent in curry dishes. Known for millennia in folk medicine and herbalism, Senna leaf has a long standing as useful in herbal tonics, with some even having famous (or notorious) names such as the Black Draught, Daffy`s Elixer and Swedish Bitters. Today, it can sometimes be found in diet teas where it is used both to decrease appetite and function as a laxative, sometimes resulting in rapid or dangerous weight loss. More traditionally, Senna leaf has been used in Japanese Kampo medicine as well as traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is often viewed as a purgative, or an agent used to cause another to vomit. More modernly, the leaf has also been used as a laxative, with study showing that it can be useful in constipation, where it increases the movements of the colon and thereby aids in digestive processes. This is a 2 oz bag of whole Senna.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 May, 2012.